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How To Keep Track of Your Potential Clients

This week on The Six Figure Biz Show  learn one tool that can make you thousands of dollars per month in potential sales, so you don't let potential clients slip between the cracks or get stuck in the hustle of constantly trying to find new clients.

The podcast

Established in March 2020, The Six Figure Biz has been our way of giving back to the business community and sharing tips to help struggling $5-figure women in business achieve acclaim and success. Our host & founder, Sarah Nicole Nadler, is an award-winning business + balance coach, internationally-acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and human rights and anti-racism advocate.

The host

Hi there! I’m Sarah Nicole Nadler, a business + balance coach, award-winning author, speaker and human rights & equality advocate.

Purpose. Fulfillment. Success.

Business + Balance Coach for small business owners & entrepreneurs,
 Sarah is an internationally-acclaimed author, public speaker & business growth expert who started her first privately-owned company fresh out of high school. When her sister was diagnosed with cancer, Sarah built At-Ease Home Help into a successful business...all while caring for her baby sister and supporting her family through crisis.

She has built and sold two successful businesses, and currently owns a global coaching firm that serves women in business.

In 2020, after helping 3 clients hit $1M in business for the first time, Sarah began The Six Figure Biz Show, to help women in business go from $5- to $6-figures and beyond.

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