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Expert Marketing Tactics with Joy Gendusa, Owner of Postcardmania

This week on The Six Figure Biz Show I invited marketing expert Joy Gendusa, owner of the $8-figure marketing agency empire Postcardmania, onto our show to share with you the marketing tactics most small business owners overlook, so you can attract dream clients at a fraction of what your competitors are spending.


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If you feel like you're constantly trying to fend off competitors, battle with haters & doubters or defend your point of view, I highly recommend picking up a copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu. What does a book on military strategy written before the birth of Christ have to do with the modern business world? Tune in to find out!


How To Charge What Your Service Is Worth, With Pricing Expert Kate Dixon

One of the secrets to business success is pricing your services correctly. Get it right, and your business will flourish without a lot of added stress or strain on you, the business owner. Join me in this episode with Kate Dixon, to learn her strategies for ensuring you don't undercharge for your work.


Special Edition - Client Spotlight with Dr. Robin Price

Dr. Robin Price is the owner of Child & Family Eyecare Center in Utah. His use of vision therapy helps kids restore their ability to read, experience the world and enjoy life. Hear his story and how sales training has helped him grow his practice!


The Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make in Dealing With Employees Over The Holidays

Did you ever think about the fact that it could be YOU who are causing some of the misbehavior from your employees? In this episode, we'll explore how business owners create scenarios of upset and unprofessionalism and how to avoid the most common ones.


3 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners & Managers Make In Written Communication

How you write can make or break your career and business. Look and sound professional with these three tips from HR expert Brie Johnson!


How To Protect Your Family & Assets From A Business Lawsuit

It's important to face the not-so-pleasant topics in business, such as how to protect yourself from lawsuits, or untimely death of a business partner, etc. Not fun, but vitally important to learn!


How To Keep Track Of Potential Clients

Learn the one tool that can make you thousands of dollars per month in potential sales, so you don't let potential clients slip between the cracks or get stuck in the hustle of constantly trying to find new clients.


Using Video To Grow Your Business - with India Brown

Your business can benefit from the use of video in so many ways! This week, I interviewed video expert India Brown and got her best tips on how to get started using video in your business. 


How To Plan Your Exit From Business

Get tips & tools to help you plan your Business Exit Strategy so your family, employees and clients will be taken care of when you're gone. 


How To Pay Yourself As A Business Owner

This short episode is for allll my newer entrepreneurs out there! Learn the proper way to pay yourself out of your business depending on whether you are a sole proprietor, partnership, LLC, or corporation.


5 Strategies to Increase Profits Without Adding Hours/Days to Your Work Week

Low profitability leads to soo many problems: burnout, inability to hire, hiring unqualified or troublesome employees, debt, more debt... I'm breaking down for you 5 strategies I use to rescue business owners who are going under, operating unprofitably, or just burning out because you have to spend too much time in your business to make things go right.